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Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to present RE(a)D, an exhibition curated by Ryan Steadman.  RE(a)D is a tribute to curator Bob Nickas who introduced his series of RED exhibitions in 1986 at the Massimo Audiello Gallery in New York City and later became well-known for appropriating a number of seminal exhibitions from the 60s as a method for designing his own curated exhibitions.
RE(a)D is a continuation of Nickas’ use of the umbrella term “red”, but doubling it with the use of its homophone “read”. Commonality is probably the original modus operandi behind the act of curating, so why not multiply it? By overemphasizing the curating as such, it is Steadman’s hope that these banal connections can be neutered, letting the viewer revel in the individuality of each artist.

Nathalie Karg Gallery
291 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002