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Glam, a visually extravagant pop style which exploded across Britain during the years 1971–5, embraced high and low culture and played with identity and gender definitions. Glam! The Performance of Style at Tate Liverpool will be the first exhibition to explore glam style and sensibility in-depth, examining its relationship to painting, sculpture, film, performance and installation art in Britain, across Europe and in North America.
The exhibition will reveal the genealogy of glam.  Emphasis will fall on performance, in particular ideas of dandyism and exaggerated identity. Artists’ use of materials such as vinyl and glitter will be considered, mirroring the conventions of glam.

Combining historical and thematic elements, Glam! The Performance of Style will bring together important artworks, highlighting the continuing influence of glam on the contemporary imagination to offer a more comprehensive representation of 1970s art and culture.

Excerpted from:
Tate Liverpool - Glam! The Performance of Style

Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt, Germany): June 13 - September 22, 2013

Lentos Kunstmuseum (Linz, Germany): October 18 - February 2, 2014