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Ray Johnson...Dali/Warhol and others...

April 29 – July 31, 2009

Ray Jesus, Photograph, April 1994
Ray/Jesus, Photograph, April 1994
Untitled Dali Crucifixion with Courbet
Untitled (Dali Crucifixion with Courbet and "Dear Marilyn Monroe") collage 1975-80-87-92/ 4.15..94, 8.12.94, 1.9.93, 9.23.92, 6.28.92
Gala and Salvador Dali with Object collage, ca. 1977
Gala and Salvador Dali with Object collage, ca. 1977
Untitled Skull with Marilyn , collage, 2.5.87, 9.2.92, 8.12.94, 4.15.94
Untitled ( Skull with Marilyn), collage, 2.5.87, 9.2.92, 8.12.94, 4.15.94

In 1975, I had an amusing evening of convoluted conversation, seated between Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol (at a dinner at the Metropolitan Club in New York), and began my long, challenging relationship with Ray Johnson shortly thereafter. During the late 70s, while studying Surrealism by day, I spent my share of nights at Studio 54, which was then frequented by all three artists. Having thought about them separately, and written about them a bit (the Warhol/Johnson connection is fertile ground), I was particularly intrigued when Frédérique Joseph-Lowery came to me with an idea for an exhibition about Johnson, Dali, and Warhol.

Excerpt by Frances Beatty as published in the exhibition catalogue.


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