Junior High or High School photo of Ray Johnson, ca. 1940-1945.

Ray Johnson at Ox-Bow, a summer art program affiliated with the Art Institute of Chicago, in 1944.

Ray Johnson, Ruth Asawa and other students in Josef Albers' class at Black Mountain College, ca. 1945-46. Photo by Josef Breitenbach.

Ray Johnson's greeting on a photo of himself. Picture taken at Black Mountain College, ca. 1945-48. Photo by Hazel Larsen Archer.

Ray Johnson at work on unknown painting with his piece "Calm Center" on the wall behind him, ca. 1948-52. Photographer Unknown.

Ray Johnson with Suzi Gablik as they set up a moticos installation, autumn 1955. Photo by Elisabeth Novick.

Offset-Litho flyer with photo by Ara Ignatius, ca.1963.

Ray Johnson with Andy Warhol at the Factory, 1964. Photo by Billy Name.

Ray Johnson in his Suffolk Street apartment, 1965. Photo by William S. Wilson.

Ray Johnson on the New Jersey Turnpike, c. 1965. Photo by William S. Wilson.

Ray Johnson, c. 1965. Photo by Ara Ignatius.

Ray Johnson at the opening of one of his shows at the Willard Gallery. Arakawa is in the background. April, 1965. Photo by William S. Wilson.

Ray Johnson with Henry Geldzahler, c. 1965. Photo by William S. Wilson.

Ray Johnson with Michael Findlay at the Richard Feigen Gallery, c. 1968. Photo by William S. Wilson.

Ray Johnson at his house in Locust Valley, NY 1972. Accompanied "Ray Johnson's World", Andy Warhol's Interview, August 1972. Photo by Berry Berenson.

Ray Johnson at "Invitation Correspondence" exhibition, Southern Illinois University at Macomb, February 1974. Photo by John Orandello.

Ray Johnson with Nam June Paik, 1975. Photo by H. Edelhest.

Ray Johnson unloading a box of moticos by a car, April 1976.

Ray Johnson holding a stack of what appears to be a pile of source material, February 1980.

Ray Johnson on Lattington Beach, c.1982. Photo by Joan Harrison.

Ray Johnson at the opening of his 1984 show at the Nassau County Museum of Fine Arts. Johnson spent the majority of the night hiding in the bushes outside the of the museum. Photo by Richard P. Meyer.

Ray Johnson, October 1984. Photo by Edvard Lieber.

Ray Johnson with Michael Crane's and Mary Stofflet's Correspondence Art book, San Francisco 1984. Photograph by Michael E. Ach.

Ray Johnson, c. 1985.

Ray Johnson, c. 1986.

Ray Johnson with banner made for his solo exhibition, Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia 1991. Photographer unknown.

September 1994

Ray Johnson with Arakawa and his wife, Madeline Gins.

Ray Johnson, c. 1978. Photograph by Toby Spiselman.