Hand Marilyn Monroe
collage on cardboard panel
17.75 by 13.875 inches (45.085 by 35.243 cm.)
Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Man O'War
collage on cardboard panel
22 by 18.5 inches (55.88 by 46.99 cm.)
Collection of Berkeley Art Museum, California

Balshazzar’s Feast (John Martin)
12 x 14 inches (30.48 x 35.56 cm.)
Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Cornell Dollar Bill
collage on illustration board
30.5 x 21 inches (77.47 x 52.38 cm.)
Collection of San Francisco Museum of Art, California

Bridget Riley's Comb
collage on cardboard panel
25.25 x 14 inches (64.13 x 35.56 cm.)
Collection of Museum of Modern Art, New York

collage on wood board
30 x 30 inches (76.2 x 76.2 cm.)
Collection of the Detroit Institute of Art, Michigan